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Master Merchant

I am an offline store and need to build an online presence offering loyalty and reward programs with e-payment portals to attract a larger customer base

Amidst all the lockdowns and strict restrictions during the pandemic, the local merchants and retail stores with no online presence faced tremendous challenges as the mass majority rapidly gravitated towards online shopping. Such drastic environmental changes called for big steps for the SMEs that make up almost 40% of Singapore’s GDP.

FlexM, along with Shop.com, an international e-commerce company, created an online platform “Connect”, which invited SMEs to leverage digitization to attract customers by offering loyalty and reward programs, e-payment services, and more.

The application received immense appreciation and was robustly absorbed by more than 400 SMEs, resulting in FlexM winning the MAS ASEAN Fintech Award 2022 at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Money Service Business

I am a remittance company and I want to launch a cloud based platform with digital remittance solutions for my customers

Physical money transfer services are gradually becoming obsolete with the advent of digitization. Agrani Bank joined associations with FlexM to create online remittance solutions for their customers and workers.

The creation of the Agrani remittance application got expedited during the pandemic with heavy restrictions and lockdowns surfacing every day. The e-remittance services were strongly welcomed by the users who had been left with no option of transferring money other than online channels.

The Agrani remittance application was created in record time bringing in immense appreciation from the Government of Singapore. The application allowed customers and users to transfer money to their loved ones in their time of need anytime, anywhere.

Multi-currency Deposit Accounts

Open and manage Business and retail deposit accounts using our developer-friendly APIs.

  • Add multi-currency pockets to hold, receive and send money
  • Create ledgers & view transactions

Financial Institutions

I am a regulated licensed entity and need to comply with Anti-Money laundering laws of my country, Need a cloud based automated compliance management system

FlexM Differentiators

Lower investment & time to market
Launch in weeks; save upto 80% of technology and manpower cost. Free up time and money to Invest in marketing and acquisition.
Your brand first
Hogging limelight is not our thing. We enable you to transform digitally by putting your brand in front ,while we do the heavy lifting behind.
Free Upgrades
Why should you pay for technology updates? We continuously invest in R&D; you enjoy free upgrades as we upgrade our tech stack.
Innovative and Tailored
We do not believe in one-size fits all approach. Solution should be designed to suit your unique use-case and that’s what we do.
One Integration, Global Partnership
Searching solutions for different markets is outdated. Our platform allows you to launch globally with a single integration.
Ecosystem connections
We have done the hard-work for you of many complex integrations. Sign a single commercial agreement and connect to a global ecosystem.
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