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FlexM Fintech Platform (FFP) provides end-to-end encrypted high-performance REST APIs that allow the developers full control to build any kind of application on top of FlexM.

FlexM provides detailed Authorization APIs that make your authorization holistic and efficient.
Add/edit and manage user profiles on your application with our APIs.
New wallet creation, management, points and rewards management and more, with our APIs.
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Build an efficient and secure platform with our eKYC APIs.
Add multi-country and currency dropdowns, customized exchange rates, multiple payment channels, addition/deletion of beneficiaries, and more with our Remittance APIs.
Domestic Remittance Singapore
Offer easy domestic remittance across Singapore with a customized list of banks, beneficiary management, and more.
Gift Cards
Manage rewards, points, and vouchers, transfer gift cards, authorize payments, and more seamlessly with our APIs.
Airtime Top-up
Airtime top-up can be done for products corresponding to the country and operator selected from their respective lists.
Issue and manage debit cards and pre-paid cards with our APIs.
Customer Support
An inbuilt customer support appendage for your winning platform.
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