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FlexM Fintech Platform (FFP) provides end-to-end encrypted high-performance REST APIs that allow the developers full control to build any kind of application on top of FlexM.

Digital Onboarding

FlexBank's Digital Onboarding enables any Financial Institutes or companies to onboard users into their system after performing KYC and Screening.

Digital Wallet

With FlexM’s APIs, any organization can offer digital wallets using the customer’s registered mobile number.

Digital Payments

FlexM allows end-users to perform digital transactions for peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, merchant payments, online payments, remittances, transfers, etc.

Merchant Acquisition

FlexM creates merchant accounts in the client system after completing physical verification of the merchants and their respective locations.

Digital Remittance

Digital Remittance in FlexM's platform provides a mobile application frontend for MSBs to create digital remittance solutions.

Digital Gift Card

FlexM provides APIs to purchase eGift cards which can be integrated through Mobile/Web applications.

Top-Up Channels

FlexM allows the integration of multiple top-up channels into your system.

Bill Payments

Easy bill payment integration by providing all the required details.

Airtime Top-Up

Airtime top-up can be done for products corresponding to the country and operator selected from their respective lists.

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